The Rite in an exclusive location

Celebrating the ritual of marriage on the spot and following the festivities of the reception without changing location and transferring guests is our special added value.

The exclusive location with private beach is the ideal place for those who dream of a romantic ceremony by the sea.

The Costa dei Barbari places all its structure at the exclusive disposal of the spouses. It is therefore possible to choose in absolute freedom the precise place where to perform the ritual.

The place of the YES ❤

The spouses can decide in absolute freedom the precise place where to perform the ritual or choose one of our pre-established locations.

The Terrace

Elegant and sophisticated on the splendid terrace with a marvelous sea view.

The Gazebo

At the edge of the gazebo in the dunes of the large private beach.

The Beach

On the beach or by the sea, perhaps barefoot, in full contact with nature.

The Hall

The main room enclosed in the windows with an intimate atmosphere.

Civil Rite

The celebration of civil rites takes place on site as La Costa dei Barbari is recognized as a municipal house. The bride and groom have the maximum freedom of choice as regards the day and time of the marriage. It is possible to organize a civil wedding in about a month.

Symbolic Rite

Of course it is possible to organize the celebration of symbolic rites that by definition leave the couple all the freedom of choice for the performance, the readings, the clothing and more. The symbolic ceremony has no legal and juridical value for the State or sacramental for the Church.


At the Marriage status office of the municipality of residence the engaged couple, one of these with delegation or third person with delegation requires the publications. In the case of several municipalities of residence it will be the municipality chosen to start the practice in the second.
Following specific investigations, the Municipality will provide the publications that, with the generality of the promised and the place of celebration of the wedding, will be exhibited for 8 days in the municipalities of residence of both future spouses.
After three days from the end of the publications, the Civil Status Officer issues the "clearance" to the marriage: the wedding can be celebrated within 180 days from the publication deadline.
At the civil registry office of the municipality of Viareggio, with the authorization and documents of the spouses and witnesses it will be possible to book the date and time of the ceremony at La Costa dei Barbari.
Necessary documents: the identity cards of the couple and the witnesses.
Indicative times: 15 days for the practice in the municipality, 11 days to obtain the authorization.


For foreign citizens residing in Italy
the permit document or the certificate of matrimonial capacity are issued by the competent Diplomatic Authority of your country.
If there are no international conventions between Italy and the State of belonging of the groom or bride that establish the exemption, the authorization must be previously legalized in the Prefecture. If the foreign citizen does not know the Italian language, he must be assisted by an interpreter both at the time of requesting the publications and at the time of the marriage celebration. Following the entry into force of the safety provisions, a valid document is required attesting the regularity of the stay in the Italian territory.
For Italian citizens residing abroad
If both spouses are resident abroad and registered with AIRE (the register of Italian citizens residing abroad), marriage banns must be issued by contacting the competent Italian Consulate for the area in relation to the residential address. If only one of the spouses is resident abroad and registered with the AIRE, while the other is resident in Italy, the publications can be made without distinction at the Consulate or at the Municipality of residence. It is however preferable to carry them out in the place where the wedding will be celebrated.
Necessary documents: Passport (for non-EU citizens), Passport or foreign identity card (for EU citizens), Nulla osta or certificate of matrimonial capacity.