Your wedding in Tuscany from abroad and beyond

Choosing to get married on the Costa dei Barbari is simple even for couples who win abroad or in other regions of Italy.

The accurate assistance of a wedding manager will help you carry out the civil and religious paperwork on site and manage the relationship with the suppliers of the services you want: photos, flowers, wedding cake, music, hair styling, make-up and everything else can serve.

The discreet and efficient dining room staff led by Maitre will pamper guests without ever being intrusive.

Stay and overnight stays

Viareggio is the pearl of Versilia. In summer with its beaches, in winter with its carnival. Characteristic and worldly small town, it will welcome you with all its vitality.

Its heart is the tourist activity and you will not struggle to find the right accommodation able to best accommodate you and your guests, from the all-inclusive stay in the most sumptuous hotel to the most intimate stay in the typical Viareggio-style house. You will be advised and assisted in making reservations by the Costa dei Barbari wedding manager and everything will be organized according to your different needs.
The Reception

Organizing the reception down to the smallest details will be simple. Our wedding manager will coordinate the planning of the reception on the spot, allowing you to keep the strings of your project and realize it down to the smallest details.

You will be supported in the choices of catering and set-ups at the Costa dei Barbari. Without having to face any obligation of physical presence, you can choose the dishes of the wedding menu and the ways of preparing the room.

Moreover the wedding manager will be your interface and your coordination with the local suppliers of additional services. Spokesperson of your desires will manage the floral decorations and the realization of the wedding cake, will help you to choose the professionals for the photo shoot, for hair-styling and for make-up, will coordinate the activity of printers and musicians or DJs.
Marriage Celebration

The civil and religious procedures to be implemented to carry out a marriage in Italy vary from country to country depending on the laws and the local bureaucracy.

The wedding manager will help you in interfacing with the Civil Status Office of Viareggio for all the actions to be taken on the spot for the celebration of the civil marriage and will speak with you with the cult official to organize the celebration of the Catholic rite.

The hindrance of language and distance will not be a problem to realize the wedding of your dreams on the Costa dei Barbari.
Wedding in Versilia!

Married by the sea in a dream location that can give you unique emotions.

Civil ceremony for foreign citizens

Foreign citizens can validly marry in Italy, according to the Italian civil rite or with a religious rite valid for civil effects, according to the cults admitted in the State. Since the conditions for contracting marriage are regulated by the national law of the country of origin, the fundamental document for the celebration of the foreigner's marriage in Italy is the authorization from the competent Authority of the Country of origin or equivalent documents issued on the basis of specific international agreements or conventions . The authorization must attest that there are no impediments to marriage under the laws of the country of origin
The marriage clearance can be issued:
from the Embassy or Consulate of the foreign State of belonging in Italy (the signature must be legalized in the Prefecture for the States that have not adhered to the Conventions that provide for the exemption) by the competent Authority of the State of belonging, in the event that the law of the foreign State allows it (documents issued abroad must be translated into Italian and legalized by the Italian Authority in the same foreign state).

Future foreign spouses not domiciled or resident in Italy, instead of requesting marriage banns, will have to sign a report at the Viareggio civil registry office declaring that there are no impediments of kinship, affinity, adoption or affiliation between them, nor any other impediments to marriage provided for by the Civil Code. Foreign citizens who do not know the Italian language must be assisted, both for the declaration of absence of impediments, and during the celebration of the marriage itself, by an interpreter who knows the Italian language well, who must take an oath before the Civil Status Officer of good and faithfully carry out the task entrusted to him. The presence of the interpreter is necessary even if the witnesses do not know the Italian language.

According to the European convention (with the exclusion of Great Britain and Scandinavian countries) the marriage, once celebrated, is automatically transcribed also in the respective countries of origin.
For other countries, a plurilingual marriage certificate can be requested to allow the transcription in a reasonably short time.
Necessary documents: Birth document, valid passport, residence certificate, authorization issued by your Consulate (or Embassy), valid identity documents for witnesses.