Sophisticated and creative menus.

An important characteristic of the Costa dei Barbari is its cuisine. An in-house restaurant of the highest standard is an unparalleled service for your guests.

Every dish is freshly prepared, every course is treated in detail, every desire of the diners can be realized.

The discreet and efficient dining room staff led by Maitre will pamper guests without ever being intrusive.

The Chef and the kitchen

All the catering is managed by our renowned Chef Matteo Angeloni. From the simplest dishes to the most particular menus, everything is taken care of with great skill and creativity.

All the ingredients are selected with extreme care: the fresh fish of the Viareggio fish market, the prized meats of the Tuscan hinterland, the DOP products of the Italian tradition and delicious ingredients from exotic countries.

Staff and dining room staff

All our staff is carefully selected: its great experience makes it a high quality tool. All our employees will support you throughout the day by responding promptly and politely to all your and your guests' requests and needs.

The head nurse, the bartender, the waiters, all the staff will make you feel welcome and completely at ease.

Aperitif and after dinner

To accompany guests between the celebration of the ritual and lunch, or dinner, an aperitif with buffet will be organized. Sweet and savory appetizers will be served, and all your guests will want to drink: juices and juices, wine and sparkling wine, cocktails and aperitifs.

After dinner and the wedding cake it will be our attention to serve your guests rum cigars and chocolate.